Study days
By the people, for the people: Community Radio
Current state and perspectives

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All the speeches have been recorded and are available for streaming and download in French and English thanks to the Workshops of the Brussels University Journalism School and Radio Campus Bruxelles


9.00 – Welcome – Coffee

9.30 – Opening

Tomke LASK and Marie-Soleil FRÈRE, ReSIC - ULB
Dominique VOSTERS, CSA Chairman

10.00 – Associative and Community Radios : report (examples of Brazil, Africa, Europe, Belgium)

Chair : François Heinderyckx - ULB

Fabio PEREIRA, University of Brasilia - Presentation
Etienne DAMOME, University of Bordeaux III
Francesco DIASIO, AMARC - Europe

Debate with the audience

12.30 – Lunch

14.00 –   Supporting and framing Community Radio: the challenge of regulation

Chair: Jean-François FURNÉMONT, CSAEPRA

Community media regulation across Europe: a diversity of approaches and situations - Presentation

Testimonies from field actors – Discussion
Hans DISCH, OLON (Netherlands) - Presentation
Philippe DELCHAMBRE, Radio Campus Bruxelles, CRaXX
Pierre-Yves BULTEAU, journalist - France Inter
Marie-Soleil Frère, ReSIC - ULB

Testimonies from regulators - Discussion
Marcel REGNOTTO, OFCOM (Switzerland) - Presentation
Celene CRAIG, BAI (Ireland) - Presentation
Maria BORKOWSKA, KRRiT (Poland) - Presentation
Babacar TOURÉ, CNRA Chairman(Senegal) - Transcript

Debate with the audience

17.00 – End of the first day



9.30 – Welcome – Coffee

10.00 – Community Radio as change actor

Chair: David DOMINGO (ULB) and Tomke LASK (ReSIC – ULB)

Pr Jan SERVAES, Chair professor/Head, City University of Hong Kong
Community media and development: origins, present and future of a concept

Debate: Political commitment of community radio
Eric MANIRAKIZA, Radio publique africaine, Bujumbura (Burundi)
Fulgence MUNGENGA, Radio Campus / University of Kinshasa

Debate: The future of "Communication for development"
Ramonildes A. GOMES, Head of Anthropology Department, Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (Brazil)

Debate with the audience

12.00 – Lunch

13.30 – Community Radio actors panel: future stakes for Community Radio: financing, audience, new media, digital switch-over

Chair: Nele SMETS, CSA

Frédéric ANTOINE, Professor at UCL and GRER
Community Radio and its interactions with other actors of the media landscape

Projection of a documentary by Stéphanie Lepage on Radio Liberté (Chad) "Les voix de la liberté"

Panel discussion
Pieter DE WIT, CMFE - Contribution
Eric MANIRAKIZA, Radio publique africaine, Bujumbura (Burundi)
Francesco DIASIO (AMARC – Europe),
Béatrice BRUNCLAIR (Radio J600)  - Presentation
Fred COOLS, (48FM – craXX), P
Pierre-Yves BULTEAU (France-Inter)

Debate avec the audience

16.30 – Conclusion
Florence LE CAM (ReSIC - ULB)

17.00 – Closing of the Study Days

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